Urban Agrarian

As a concept, Urban Agrarian is based in taking the best parts of our modern, urban environment (technology, design, and efficient distribution) and combining those with the best of classic agrarian techniques (simplicity, sustainability, biodiversity, and wise resource allocation).

As a business, Urban Agrarian is a local food retailer and distributor that was started by founder Matthew Burch in May of 2008 out of his home garage.  The UA operation grew and and has been located in Oklahoma City’s Historic Farmers' Market district since 2011.  This space, the Earth to Urban Local Food Hub, is home to the Urban Agrarian Local Foods Market and our partner April Harrington's Earth Elements Entrepreneurs' Kitchen.  Throughout the building's history were several generations of different produce houses: it was already equipped with loading docks and a classic aesthetic reminiscent of the glory days of Oklahoma's local food scene.  Upon moving in, the Food Hub was updated with new electric, plumbing, cold storage, a market space, and a certified commercial kitchen.  The market is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday from 10am to 6pm, while the kitchen is available to food start-ups 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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