Lomah Dairy

“Our goal is to produce a local, high quality product,” said Johnson, a veterinarian who knows what he's talking about since his “day job” for the last 20 years has been a U.S.D.A. Inspector in charge at Simmons Foods at Southwest City, Mo.
“Although we are not certified organic, we have basically an organic product,” he explains. “We use a high quality feed, alfalfa hay, which we hope to grow ourselves this year, and there are no chemical fertilizers used on our pasture. We also don't use any hormones or routine antibiotics.”
The dairy farm, which sits just 1 ½ miles west of the MO/OK state line near Tiff City consists of 340 acres of which about 160 are used to graze the cattle.
“Grazing our cattle is another way to help keep the product clean,” he said. “They get to lay in the grass as opposed to being overcrowded or confined to a small area like the factory farms do.”
The cows also have access to clean spring water that flows constantly at the farm.
“Everything we do here is geared toward creating a clean product,” he said.
He said that a lot of dairies don't use the same procedures as he does because as a licensed raw milk retailer he has to undergo more strict sanitary requirements and routine inspections.

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